About us

GK9 is an international expert in the provision of canine screening solutions for passive and pro-active detection of Pest (bed bugs). Our clients include: Hotels, bed & breakfasts, passenger ships, cruise ships, treatment homes, accommodation and hospitals and more.


  • Sole provider of RPST, a sophisticated detection solution using Remote Pest Scent Tracing (RPST) methodology

  • International provider of canine detection solutions

  • Leading in research and development in search and detection (Pest detection)

Canine Expertise

  • A wide range of dog detection solutions to suit the needs of hotels, hospitals, shipping companies and the hospitality and entertainment industry

  • Highly qualified team of dog professionals with many years of experience in delivering detection services

  • R&D facilities. Responsible for the development and deployment of some of the most innovative solutions in the canine search and detection (Pest) market



mobile: +46725 878 998

e-mail: johan.gullbergl@gmail.com or johan@gk9.se

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